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One of the best. Love it

Best toner ever!

This is hands down the best toner I’ve ever used. Fresh, hydrating with the most beautiful soft scent. My skin feels so good after using it.

Great product!

I have switched from antiperspirant to deodorant due to the good benefits. I am pleased with the product. There is no bad odour and I feel refreshing all day. Keep up the good work! It really works!

Soft and nourishing

Joi’s products are all so beautiful and make your skin glow. The saffron face yoghurt is so soft and luxurious and soaks into your skin without the greasy feeling you can get with lots of moisturisers. My skin feels amazing after using it!



prickly pear skin brightening face oil

smells good. been using it for two weeks now. skin feels moisturised and oily. no other good effects yet

No odor but stain clothes

No odor but stains my clothes badly though i dried it

Great product

the smell is amazing and long lasting. Only the deo leaves stain on dark clothes

Rose & Geranium Natural Deodorant

Blue tansy is fancy

Each time i use it, I will have smooth skin the next day. I mix it with bakuchiol oil and realised that my pigmentation on my cheeks lightened!

Mini Natural Deodorant Set

Great natural alternative!

I love having a natural alternative to retinol that is harsh for my sensitive skin. I have pimple scarring and uneven skin tone. I combine with Joi’s blue tansy oil and just a few drops goes a long way in skincare. Can be a little oily in the daytime so I apply less.


just melts into skin in seconds!

The best!!!

Loved the Deodorant. My daughter loved it as it was not itchy unlike some Deodorants. Leaves a fresh feel.

I think it smells weird :(


The deodorant smells like air freshener and the smell of cypress and sandalwood is unpleasant to even begin with. Why would anyone even want to put them under the pits? And it’s ineffective as the smell doesn’t last after perspiration from active workouts and it’s not even 6hours. Quite disappointing..

Best deodorant!

I work in the kitchen 12 hours each day and it gets really, really hot during service. Trust me when I say Joi is my saving grace because I finally don’t have any underarm odor or wet underarms anymore. It’s also not sticky that I even forget I have it on.

It doesn’t seem to work on my gal

Hi! I been using your products and recently I introduced it to my teenage gal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work on her. Any advice?

Good but stains

Works as you would expect and smells devine but it stains your clothes if you’re not careful!

Mini Natural Deodorant

Compact and easy to bring along for travel!

A little sticky but I can live with it

I like the scent. It rolls on quite easily. It’s a little sticky but I can live with it. It’s unfortunately quite light for its price. Not too much value for money delivered. More of a treat than a daily expense.

Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant


The deo works but the scent is a bit overpowering for me :) I think I will go back to the Lavendar scent for my next purchase :)

Feeling well-toned with the scene of coconut

It smells good + it hydrates well.
Leaving my skin not dry throughout the night.
The only feedback I have is for the price, I would expect the bottle to be a bit larger.
Very satisfied with the purchase

Nice product

Love the product