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Nice product

When will it restock ...hahha

Sensitive skin natural deodorant

I love the product! It does exactly what its described as. It feels light on the skin.

Natural Deodorant Bundle
Sabrina Shamsuddin

So far the best natural deodorant I have tried. This is my 3rd purchase and my whole family loves it.

Aloe & Chia Balancing Toner
Hoi Yee Chloe Cheng

Too small

Eucalyptus & Mint Natural deodorant

Super love the smell esp the mint. Feel fresh all day long. Thank you for creating this deodorant 👍🏼

The Best Deodorant By Far

I bought the Lavender & Bergamot Natural with Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant. Both the smell is not too strong for me, very pleasant as I do not like those strong perfume smell that makes me a headache. I also tend to sweat alot which I am insecure of it for all this years since schooling days. Luckily I found JOI and I am truly satisfied with it. So far, I have yet to try the Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant but as for Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant, it was amazing! I applied it once and it can last for whole day. I can still smell the pleasant smell and the amazing part, no body odor! I will definitely buy it again :)

smells really nice and natural and works SOOO WELL!!!! for the whole day too!!! love it sm ♡♡♡

THE BEST DEO EVER!!!! smells so amazing and fresh and it really does work for the whole day! ♡♡♡

Soothing Scent

A refreshingly soothing scent! Love it

Item is not damaged 👍

Rose & Geranium

Superb! Very Comfortable & no more odour ☺️

Patchouli Jelly Cleanser

Joi natural deodorant

So far so good!


Love the smell!

I love the oil!

I am mixing 3 drops of this with 2 drops of the bakuchiol booster. As a somewhat oily-faced person, I can confidently say this mix doesn’t make me feel oily at all, after say a few min. Makes my face feel sooo soft. As for the smoothening effects etc, while my face does feel smooth, my pores are still quite obvious - am going to use more to see if it works! So far it’s love! Ps from a young age I’ve tried oils for oily skin (eg Clarins lotus oil, Dr Hauschka etc) but all made me feel very oily and clogged. Not this! <3

Exfoliating serum

It will be helpful if u could suggest / guide us which step to do first coz after I did my own reading from other sources, I use this serum immediately after using Joi facial wash. As I read that this has to go first, followed by Joi coconut toner, prickly pear & ends it with bakichiol.
Overall, the Joi skincare that I have used & still using prevents dryness, this has become my new regime. blemishes have lighten up. Allow 2 weeks for them to take effect, then I can feel how smoother my skin feels.
Joi has been quite a joy to adopt as my new skincare, easy on the pocket too.


Prevents dryness, this has become my new moisturiser. Together with the prickly pear, it helps to lighten my blemishes. Allow 2 weeks for them to take effect, then I can feel how smoother my skin feels.

Chilling protection

While feeling that my arm pit is rather cool after applying the deodorant, I am at ease knowing that it is protected from releasing unwanted smell. I am glad to have tried this product.

Best cleanser

Surprisingly it really cleans well and my skin is feesh and the scent is so invigorating. I juat need two pumps it does its job. Non drying to my sensitive skin.

Cypress & Sandalwood Natural Deodorant

Best oil for skin

My first time trying this oil. Was using argan oil previously and this joi product is even better. The ingredients are safe for my sensitive skin and dry skin. It absorbs easily after toner and massage well with 3 drops. The scent is relaxing. My new found love.

Rose & Geranium Natural Deodorant

Love this scent and does the job of keeping my arms fresh! Perks that it's also natural!

It works!!!

I was doubtful at first (because I tried other natural deodorants) but somehow this works so well. Yes I do have to add more especially when I work out. Just have to apply right after post work out shower and it’s good to go for another more hours. I love tt it doesnt clog my pores as I have sensitive skin too!

Shower Gel

My second purchase! Very friendly on skin. Bottles could be bigger tho or maybe selling refill packs is a better option.

Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant

This actually works! The best deodorant ever.