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Simply amazing

Love how easy it is absorbed by skin; my stubborn acnes are gone, it smoothen the skin too. I usually have on n off acne but not after using this. This gives minimal maintenance for my skin, I’m confident with no make up because of this! 👍

Joi lavender & bergamot deodorant

Fast delivery from Malaysia but the price stated on website is different deducted from my debit card. Find it strange though. So far product is good for 1st timer use.


My second bottle! Natural smell. And long lasting


No stain, no smell and feels natural all day. For SG weather, maximum duration about 12hrs, thereafter may/may not need to top up.

Eucalyptus & Mint

I really like this scent, its so refreshing and amazing. I feel good when using them. The price is a bit high for deodorant but cant complain because its natural. I love the product.


This is my favourite scent of the whole range!


Smells really good and is really effective!

Sensitive skin deodorant

Not sure lasting or not.. But like it as non sticky n not those strong alcohol of fragrance smell

Loving the skin booster!!

Was skeptical in the beginning but within a week of wearing it my skin started to clear up. Really worked even for my daughter who has a lot of acne scars on her forehead. Loving it!!!

Joi natural deodorant bundle

Really loving the deodorants cause it's safe for my daughter to use. No smell the whole day. Will buy again for sure! Thank you JOI!!!

Enzyme Instant Glow Serum
Nur syahidah Rostom

Its so good make my face smooth.. will order again..😊

Excellent product!

Since I tried the product, it’s refreshing and I like there’s variety of scents available. However, I feel I kind of dislike the sandalwood scent, as it smells weird, perhaps can improve on that scent, but other than that, all are good, helps slightly for my B.O., well done!

it really helps

i can see/feel/smell the difference when i am not using deodorant, using a normal off the shelf deodorant and the Joi deodorant. the Joi deodorant really helps to reduce my perspirant and also retains any body odour.

as for off the shelf deo, if i use it, the smell from it will mix with my glands and give off a really bad odour which then in turn sticks to my clothes and my bra and when washed, it wont rly go away. the smell will still stick and in the end i will have to throw my bra or clothes away. it actually makes the problem even worse.

hence, i rly recommend using the joi deo and will keep using it. it works best for me


My underarms stays hydrated yet dry however aftrr awhile it leaves a weird chemical ish smell. Not sure because of the lavender scent has blends in with my odour.

Sensitive Skin Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant

I really like the deodorant as it smells nice and it does not make the clothes yellow and stick on it. Will definitely reorder from here again. Thank you.

JOI Natural Deodorant

Lavender & Bergamot, Eucalyptus & Mint are my 2 top favourite scents.

It glides on smoothly and leaves no stain plus effectively neutralise odour and long lasting. Definitely keeps me fragrant and fresh throughout the day.

Most importantly, it's All-Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free.

What a "JOI" indeed!!!

Natural Deodorant Bundle

Good scentless natural deodorant

No body odour and I dont sweat as much as I do when i dont apply antiperspirant deodorant. Would be great if you could sell this varient on shopee too as the shipping fee is quite high.

i like the lavender and rose ones though the scent isnt strong and does not last long but its pretty good at keeping odour at bay and its comfortable to wear compared to other deodorants

Loving the mini deodorant set

I like the fact that I can try the mini versions before purchasing the normal sized ones and so far I love the deodorants. The deodorant rolls on easily and the fragrance is subtle. It does not feel sticky at all and does not stain my clothes. Very satisfied 😊

Great product, not sticky and stayed dry

Sensitive arm pits

Excellent! I have sensitive skin and have tried many types of deodorants, but this one is the one. Please don't change the formula!

nice smelling & hydrating

- smells nice
- good texture
- not too foamy
- not drying

- glass bottle tends to be slippery in the shower

Natural Deodorant Bundle
Badariah Abdul samad
Awesome & Amazing

Never had such a good deodarant so far..Joi deodorant is the best. No stain & lasting, even after my routine Exercise my underarms still no bad smell. thumbs up..👍👍👍..will repeat order. Thanks for introducing such a good items.👏👏👏