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Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant

Super refreshing

It's been super hot lately so this came at the right time. I typically don't like using deodarants at home bc I've never found one with a smell I truly really liked but this one is wowwww. REALLY love how fresh this smells and it really truly keeps me smelling fresh throughout the day!

So far so good

I'm loving it so far! Works as a deodorant should, and worked even on a particularly sweaty day. Will definitely consider getting other scents, I feel so lucky I lucked out on transitioning to a natural deo!

Eucalyptus & Mint Natural Deodorant

Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant

This actually works!

I’m so happy to have found this natural deodorant that actually works! I have spent hundreds of dollars trying out diff brands/ scents and was very disappointed with the results. This deo leaves me feeling fresh (cool minty feeling) & smelling good all day- it has survived a long 12 hour day with a sweaty workout in between. Def recommend!

Love it!

The serum sinks quickly into the skin and does a good job of getting rid of my tiny bumps!!

sweet scent! Personally not too overpowering. Can’t wait to see how it fairs when actually used on skin.

Lavender & Bergamot Natural Deodorant

Patchouli Jelly Cleanser

Rose & Geranium Natural Deodorant

Found something that works!

I've tried many organic, all-natural deodorant, but Joi's has the ones that work well for me! True to its description, it helps keep my body odour away for 12 hours which means I do not have to reapply often! I'm glad I've found something that works AND does not burn a hole in my pocket. 😍

Gentle and it works

Feel softer and not so red after using for a week. And it help my hubby acne redness too.

Great scent and lasting effects, naturally :P

Bakuchiol Skin Booster
Presheela Kumaran

It makes my skin smooth and I’m been using for more than a week now, my dark spots are clearing slowly.. I do have small pimples popping up on and off but it resolves after a day or after a face Wah with joi cleanser

Blue Tansy Clarifying Face Oil
Farahwahidah Md Senan

I use bakuchiol and also blue tansy clarifying face oil together... so far i like it so much.. both do not cause me breakout.. i use them as my last step of skincare.. the hydration is superb and not oily at all.. will continue to use them..

Smell good and long lasting. Feel fresh

No stink even after more than 12 hours

I have been using store bought anti perspirant for years but decided to make a change because of its toxic content.
I was looking for a product that uses natural ingredients. I found another company that offers such product but I wasn't interested in their packaging that requires users to dip their fingers to apply the product on skin. A bit unhygienic I think. I prefer a roll on type of packaging that Joi offers. I didn't hesitate to buy Joi because of that. More hygienic and practical. The deo has very subtle scent, almost no scent at all. I don't like scented deo because the fragrance can mix with sweat and produces bad odour that stinks to high heavens. Defeat the purpose of the deodorant, imo. I used this deo for more than 12 hours in aircondless environment where I sweat a lot and that included doing my daily workout. And guess what, I didn't stink at all. I am so so glad I found Joi and had recommended it to others. I will stick to this brand and will try their skin products next.


I’ve been looking for the right Oil cleanser bcs I’d a thought to do double cleanser, but as usuals, I’m a very picky person, so it took me 2 months to research and find the suitable and best ingredients for my skin. Then I found JOI. I very love the natural ingredients so I hv the courage to do my 1st purchase. And guess what, i’ve been using it for almost 2 weeks now, and I really love the cleanser. My blackhead are gone, and my skin feel more refreshed and hydrated after cleansing my skin. My skin type is sensitive and normal skin. but sometimes it lead to dry skin. Overall I love it so much! Thankyou JOI!

Rose & Geranium Natural Deodorant
Zinnirah Mohd Ibrahim
Love the rose smell

I sweat a lot but now no body odor. No stains and leave a rose smell all day long.
I like it so much!


I sweat a lot & having a watery underarm but this deodorant really work great to combat my body odor. Eventhough sometimes my under arm sweating but leaves no odor.

Awesome cleanser!

Smells sooo good that I look forward to cleaning my face everytime :)
Doesnt dry my skin and cleanse really well. Defintely will buy again.


I love how it is not clogging the pores, not drying the pits and the fresh smell is long lasting. I have subscribed for quarterly purchase and yes, a bottle of joi can last up to 3 months (this depends on how frequent you use it), what a great purchase. I have been using the brand for 2 years and have not found any replacement yet so far. For me, the downside is only the white cast. But can wait to dry it out before putting on clothes, and I am okay with it.

Sensitive Skin Natural Deodorant

It works for me!

Using this serum on a daily basis (1-2 drops) really helped my pores shrink!! I was so amazed because I really bought this out of desperation, since my hormonal acnes were popping up everywhere due to stress - so I was really surprised and glad when my acne really started to shrink and dry up.

It wasn't instant and new ones were still popping up here and there, but all in all they shrank a lot faster, not to mention how my skin texture and complexion looks better as a whole!

Will definitely be repurchasing! Love its super mild scent too :)